Medieval Recipes

Food is a defining element of any culture, in any period of history and what people ate in medieval times is a great example of that. The recipes they used reflect the prevailing tastes and culture of people, both rich and poor, who lived in that era. The ingredients available to people then for cooking, the climate in which they were produced and the social hierarchy all combined to produce a unique style of cookery. Click here to read how food was regarded; it makes for fascinating study.

food laid out used in medieval cookingLooking back through history, the food of any period offers us a greater understanding of how people lived – from Roman times to Renaissance Europe. However, we feel that there is perhaps no more fascinating a time in history than medieval Europe. A time when the colour and romanticism of chivalric tales is matched by that of the elaborate and colourful feasts of lavish banquets.

So it is that recipes have prevailed from that time, passing down through generations and offering us an insight into the lives of our ancestors. The cookery of medieval England forms the core foundation of our research into the subject and also how food was regarded, with the majority of dishes dating from 1300 to 1485 (the advent of the Tudor dynasty in England).

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